What is eter.io?

How about a system that manages light without need to manually switch it, in your workplace? That saves energy by dimming/switching off lights when there is daylight or no one is present after working hours. Makes possible to user to manually switch when needed and learns from corrections.

Why do I need it?

To save energy free of cost, systems pays off through lower energy bills. Be energy efficient and environment friendly and earn some money. Some subsidies from state, EU could be won too.

How does it work?

System reads input from sensor (motion, light level, temperature) and acts according to basic settings and algorithm calculations to optimize light levels in work space avoiding to irritate user.

Installation and prerequisites

Sensors and smart switches must be in place for system to work. System is vendor independent, compliant with different industry standards (KNX, DALI, Zwave, XBee, radio) Software installation is simple, it works pretty much on all platforms though is optimized for mini computers (like Raspberry Pi). The sensors should be paired with switches which is easily done in mobile application.

Mobile app

For each light switch/dimmer select sensor that affects it. Monitor and trace log of working system. And yes app enables you to remotely switch and dim lights.


Eter.io uploads data to cloud where is aggregated and analyzed. Online dashboard provides overview of room light, temperature and consumption conditions. Image




Ivan Britvić
Overall system & Mobile

Jurica Đurić
Dashboard & Mobile

Anja Nikitović
Sales & Customer relations


Zagreb, Croatia